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Welcome to PunjabiKidz – A Treasure Trove of Punjabi Books for Kids

At PunjabiKidz, we’re passionate about the Punjabi language and culture, and we’re delighted to share that passion with young learners. Our carefully curated collection of Punjabi books is designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. From colorful storybooks to interactive learning materials, our Punjabi books are more than just reading material; they’re a vibrant celebration of Punjabi heritage.

Punjabi Books

What Makes Our Collection of Punjabi Books Special?

  1. Comprehensive Learning Resources: Each of our Punjabi books is complemented with online learning resources available at punjabikidz.com. Interactive activities and vocabulary lists enrich the reading experience, turning it into a fun learning adventure.
  2. Diverse Range for All Ages: Our Punjabi books cater to all age groups and learning levels. Whether introducing your child to Punjabi or helping them explore more advanced topics, our collection has something for everyone.
  3. Quality Content with a Cultural Touch: Crafted with love and authenticity, our Punjabi books incorporate elements of Punjabi culture, tradition, and values. They’re not just books; they’re cultural bridges that connect your child to the rich world of Punjabi heritage.
  4. Ease of Access and Compatibility: Designed with children in mind, our Punjabi books and online resources are easily accessible and enjoyable, making learning Punjabi a delightful experience.
  5. Community and Support: At PunjabiKidz, we foster a community centered around Punjabi books. Educators, parents, and children all come together to celebrate and nurture the love for Punjabi.

Explore the richness and excitement of our Punjabi books today! Immerse your child in the joy of learning Punjabi through our thoughtfully selected collection. Let each page spark curiosity and growth as they dive into the captivating world of Punjabi. Visit our collection now and start this wonderful journey!

Welcome to PunjabiKidz, where we've carefully curated a collection of online learning resources to complement each of our published books. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for those seeking to explore the joy of learning Punjabi. Immerse yourself in our educational materials and discover the richness and excitement of PunjabiKidz books today!

Gurmukhi Alphabet

Punjabi Akhar Cover

The Gurmukhi Panti Akhar book offers a structured method for learning Punjabi. The series connects to the PunjabiKidz portal via QR codes, allowing learners to reinforce their knowledge through interactive quizzes and games.

Unlocking Laga Matra

laga matra, learn punjabi

Unlocking Laga Matra for Young Readers  is designed to make Punjabi reading simpler for kids by explaining ‘Laga Matra’, the symbols that change how Gurmukhi letters sound. 

The Lazy Bee (ਆਲਸੀ ਮੱਖੀ)

The Lazy Bee

The Lazy Bee is the first in the series in the Friends of the Field. This bilingual book is designed for non-native learners of punjabi and is translated in English. Find out how the Lazy Bee learnt an important lesson in life. 

The Greedy Rat (ਲਾਲਚੀ ਚੂਹਾ)

The Greedy Rat

The Greedy Rat is the second in the series Friends of the Field. Dive into this bilingual adventure, where we seamlessly blend Punjabi and English, making it a perfect learning experience for non-native Punjabi speakers. Find out how the Greedy Rat learnt about the evils of being greedy. 

A Visit to the Zoo (ਚਿੜੀਆਘਰ ਦੀ ਸੈਰ)

Kirat and Sirat series, punjabi stories

Join siblings Kirat and Sirat on an unexpected adventure that unfolds beyond the zoo’s boundaries. What starts as a simple visit to the zoo soon turns into a magical journey when the duo finds themselves lost in a enchanted forest. 

The Fat Beetle (ਮੋਟਾ ਕੀੜਾ)

Meet Giny the Beetle in this third book in the Friends of the Field series. In this bilingual book written for non-native speakers of punjabi, go through the QR codes and explore the engaging resources. 

The Agile Ant (ਫੁਰਤੀਲੀ ਕੀੜੀ)

Agile Ant

The  Agile Ant is the fourthin the series Friends of the Field. Dive into this bilingual adventure, where we seamlessly blend Punjabi and English, making it a perfect learning experience for non-native Punjabi speakers. Find out how the Agile ant won over the trust of her friends who finally learn appreciate her agility.  


Friends of the Series - Volume 1

Friends of the Field

This book consolidates the first three stories in the Children’s illustrated book series ਖੇਤਰ ਦੇ ਦੋਸਤ that is translated into English Language. QR Codes are embedded into the book to allow readers to listen to the audio script in Punjabi language as well as enjoy an animated version of the story. This book is especially useful for young learners of the Punjabi language as the emphasis is placed on the learning of Punjabi Vocabulary in the context of the story.