• Welcome to PunjabiKidz Learning Space.

    This space consolidates the learning resources available on the PunjabiKidz site including :

    • all digital books that have been created as part of our learning series 
    • onine activities, videos and games associated with out Punjabi stories
    • consolidation of rich punjabi learning resources available on the internet. 

    We look forward to creating a vibrant Punjabi learning community through our PLS (PunjabiKidz Learning Space). 

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      Punjabi Word Garden

      Welcome to the Punjabi Word Garden! This is a special part of the PunjabiKidz Learning Space. Here, we will add new Punjabi words that we learn from different activities. Think of it like a garden where every new word is a seed that grows. As we learn more, our garden of words gets bigger and more beautiful. Let's have fun learning new words and watch our word garden grow!

Available courses

Introduction to Gurmukhi Akhar

Start your exciting Punjabi language adventure with our easy online course! Learn the Punjabi alphabet quickly through fun activities and videos. Join us and begin your journey to speaking Punjabi today!